World production of table olives increases by 4%

World production of table olives looks poised to be higher than in 2012/13, topping 2,500,000 t (+4%). Production in the EU countries as a whole is expected to be 700,000 t.

Spain is again in lead position, with its production assessed at 513,100 t, up on the season before.

In Greece, table olive output is expected to emulate olive oil production in that a sharp drop is forecast to 94 000 t  (-41%). The tonnages for the rest of the EU countries are 74,000 t for Italy, 12,000 t for Portugal, around 3,000 t for Cyprus and 1,000 t for Croatia.

Among the rest of the IOC member countries, Turkey will top the ranking, with an estimated production of 430,000 t. Next comes Egypt (400,000 t), Syria (172,000 t), Algeria (168,500 t), Argentina (140,000 t), Morocco (100,000 t), Iran (82,000 t) and Albania (28,000 t). The figures for the rest of the countries are lower in volume. Non-IOC producing countries are expected to produce 220 000 t in all, with Peru in first place (80 000 t), followed by the United States (68 000 t) and Chile (34 000 t). The production of the rest of the countries is on a smaller scale.

As for consumption, the outlook is for it to top 2,585,000 t, so recording a small increase on the previous crop year (+3%).

Source: International Olive Council


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