Promotion of our olives in Poland

The Interprofesional de la Aceituna de Mesa, Interaceituna and Extenda (Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia) toghether with the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), are collaborating in the international promotion of table olives to be held in Poland this year. The total budget for this amounted to 100,000 €. Activities included points of sale, cooking shows, tv product placement and online initiatives.

In Poland, the advocacy program centers on the same pillars: acts of public relations media, general and specialized promotion at point of sale in major supermarket chains and online and interactive activities with the public surfer.

On the other hand, they will develop promotions at salepoints whose main objective is to create a direct association between quality and country of origin, Spain. Therefore, the flight attendants dressed in traditional costumes will offer tastings and olives, awarding gifts to consumers who purchase two or three containers.

Another key is communication online: In Poland, the launch of a new website and profile on Facebook have become essential. Many contests and games are planned to surprise the Internet.

TV Programs with show cookings and product placement will be another key strategies to catch the eye of the Polish market.

Pytanie na Śniadanie TV SHOW (1st Part)

Pytanie na Śniadanie TV SHOW (2nd Part)


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