Corporate Values

Aceitunas Torrent strives to consolidate itself, grow, position itself as a leading company within the table olive sector and be recognised for its quality products and its efficient delivery service. This, together with its competitive customer care service, which is rendered pursuant to cost-effective and corporate social responsibility criteria, is all aimed at satisfying the needs and the expectations of its consumers.


We work in line with the company’s standards and principles, so that the consequences of our actions are always positive.



We comply with the set obligations and whenever possible we surpass ourselves; we are always looking for better ways to do things and we make sure that the results of our work enhance the processes we are involved in.

Team work

Our team is formed according to the common objectives to be attained, talent, dedication and the desire to acquire more knowledge and skills are added too, because cooperation and mutual support are the basis of our business relationships.



This is thanks to our team work, honesty and our results-orientated business approach; reliability unites all three and rounds them off to form one coherent ensemble in the full sense of the word.