Halal Food and Market Opportunities for Businesses in Córdoba

The Casa Árabe and the Fundación Agrópolis have jointly hosted and organised the ‘Halal Food and Market Opportunities for Businesses in Córdoba’ and have sought to deepen awareness among local businesses about exciting new opportunities and potential export success among Muslim consumers. But before exploring new commercial territories, local entrepreneurs need to fully understand just exactly what halal food is, what the typical Muslim consumer wants, and to know how to operate effectively in the very different market conditions of the Middle East and Far East.

halalThe meeting was divided into a series of discussion groups and Antonio Fernández, from the Fundación Agrópolis chaired the group ‘Opportunities in the Halal Food Market for the Food Industry.’ Aceitunas Torrent is no stranger to these markets and our CEO, Francisco Torrent, shared his thoughts and experiences in a round table debate with other business representatives such as Ignasi Cardelús from Freixenet, Juan José Guerrero from Surgenia and Rafael Reyes from the Chamber of Commerce of Córdoba. Mr Torrent stressed that Muslim consumers are highly receptive to food products that meet halal rules and regulations. Aceitunas Torrent has made great efforts to develop new products which meet these conditions and has seen its efforts fully rewarded in the marketplace.

The overall aim of the meeting was to stimulate the economy of Córdoba, and numerous experts from the world of halal food were invited to participate and share their ideas with organisations in a series of discussion groups targeted at specific themes.

A recent radio interview given by Francisco Torrent on COPE Córdoba made reference to the meeting. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the web link http://www.cope.es/detalle/Aceitunas-Torrent-y-el-mercado-halal.html.




Sede de la Casa Árabe en Córdoba

Pew Research Center has issued the results of an investigation in which it is predicted that the population of the Muslim world will increase at twice the rate of the world average. If this tendency is sustained over the following decades, there will be some 2.2 billion potential consumers in the halal food product market in 2030.


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