Olive it! Campaign in UK

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This website (www.oliveit.eu) is dedicated to you – lovers of delicious, quality olives. If you came here liking olives, you will leave here loving them!

Whether it’s the sun, sea, stunning mountains, friendly people, or delicious food – no matter what the Mediterranean means to you, there’s no denying that when it comes to food and drink, the Mediterranean has an enviable reputation. Great natural ingredients such as olives are part of its success, and olives are renowned worldwide for being delicious, nutritious and versatile.


entral to the Mediterranean way of life, the olive is so much more than just a simple fruit.  Originally thought to symbolise peace and wisdom, olives are steeped in history and are today as highly prized as they were centuries ago.

Find out more at the home of Olive it! – a website dedicated to inspire, surprise and delight you on your journey of culinary discovery.

We’ve just launced our exciting Olive it! Catering College Competition – if you’re a chef under the age of 25 and would like to show off your culinary creativity, read here to find out more.

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