Gourmet olives

torrent aceitunas gourmet

Aceitunas Torrent has developed a new line of gourmet olives that will surprise even the most demanding palates.

You will find a smooth olive skin and fleshy heart, with different fillings both sweet and savory. The gourmet olives are presented in a square format package containing high quality olives from the best groves.

We offer six varieties of fillings and flavors:

– Green olives stuffed with almond

– Green olives stuffed with garlic

– Green whole olives with herbs and lemon

– Green olives stuffed with red natural  pepper

– Green olives stuffed with red hot pepper (piri-piri)

– Caramelized green olives stuffed with cranberries


aceitunas gourmet



  • BOX x 12 units
  • Format: Square glass jar
  • Net weight: 300 grs.