Cheese and olive bees

This funny and cute recipe comes from She Knows and we couldn’t resist to share it with you!:

These cheesy animal appetizers are almost too cute to eat! Perfect for kid’s parties or whimsical cocktail soirees, they’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Make sure your next party menu includes one of these fun and cheesy animal appetizers. Edible owls, hedgehogs and bumblebees will be all the buzz. And the best part of these adorable bites? There’s no baking necessary — just assemble and eat!


  • Small or medium black olives
  • Slices of cheddar cheese, double stacked
  • Slices of provolone cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • Black food coloring marker


1. Cut out cheese and slice olives

Using a 3/4-inch round cutter, cut two circles of cheddar cheese. Cut the olive into thirds.

abejas de aceitunas negras1

2. Assemble bee

Starting with the bottom slice of olive, pipe cream cheese into the center and alternately stack cheese and olive slices, piping cream cheese in between each layer.

abejas aceitunas negras 2


3. Add eyes

Poke a toothpick down the center. Pipe cream cheese eyes and add a black dot with a food coloring marker.

abejas aceitunas negras


4. Add wings

For the wings, cut two circles of provolone cheese. Add a bit of cream cheese to the edges and attach them to the backs of the bees.

abejas aceitunas negras


5. Enjoy!

If your bees don’t stand upright, pipe a dollop of cream cheese under each one to secure them on your tray. Add a fun message to the tops of your bee toothpicks with alphabet stickers, if desired. Serve with your other adorable animal appetizers!

abejas aceitunas negras


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