Aceitunas Torrent has developed a range of different brands, all of which meet the needs of our clients. We can also offer our products under a private label.


torrent web

When this project came true, Torrent was the first brand created by our founder, Francisco Torrent Terol. This image has the style that our canned products showed decades ago. Nowadays we use this brand both for cans and glass jars.

olivalife web


This brand was created to fulfill the needs of our international clients who know the taste of our products. The mediterranean culture shown as a lifestyle that is still being studied due to its health benefits.

privilegio web


It is very important for us to show our origins. Aceitunas Torrent wants to show off where we belong, Andalusia (southern Spain) and created this brand.

sama web

Our newest brand has innovation and good design at its heart. We offer Samaoliva in a wide range of product formats and it combines the very best starting material with over one hundred years of experience. Samaoliva is the perfect mix of innovation and tradition to have in your home and offers a wealth of culinary possibilities




The Arabian world is one of the most important markets for Aceitunas Torrent. The likes and preferences of the Middle Eastern consumers are highly influenced by the culture of the Mediterranean world. Bostoliva is the best way to try our olives. We chose the word ‘bosto’, which means ‘garden’ in Arabic, to show our commitment to the Arabian world