9% growth of Spanish table olives export

It is remarkable the export figures of Hojiblanca variety, followed by Manzanilla and Gordal.

The latest report of the Spanish Agency of Olive Oil reports that, from September 2012 to April 2013, a total of 308,760 tons of olives have been commercialized. 193,620 tons were exported and 115,140 remained in the Spanish market.

In particular, the industrial export sector was the one of better results, increasing in 9%. The most exported variety was Hojiblanca olives, with a number of 117,370 tons, followed by Manzanilla with 50,850 tons and Gordal with 12,560 tons.

Source: http://www.noticiascadadia.com/noticia/36512-las-exportaciones-de-aceiutuna-de-mesa-crecen-un-9-esta-campana/


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