2015 Quality Guarantee Certificates

Aceitunas Torrent S.L. has successfully completed a series of statutory audits and inspections for the renewal of its quality guarantee certificates. We obtained our first certificate in 2004 and product quality is a fundamental  component of company policy. Our certification is due to our constant pursuit of quality in our products and the methods used in their production, our effective communication with our clients and the attention we give to their needs, and our strict adherence to the regulations which govern product quality, food safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Aceitunas Torrent S.L. has attained all the criteria necessary to meet standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. We have also attained a ‘superior’ classification in the IFS v.6 inspection and an ‘A’ in the BRC v.6 audit, in both cases the highest classification awarded. We have also obtained guarantee certificates in the KOSHER and ECOSTARS inspections.

It is clear that over the years Aceitunas Torrent S.L. has repeatedly and consistently met and surpassed all the requirements related to product quality, food safety, social responsibility and of course environmental protection. It is our policy to apply and maintain the highest standards in all stages of our food handling processes and to improve upon them. We are fully committed to the production and distribution of the highest quality table olives to all of our clients, wherever they may be, a policy which is reflected in the renewal of our quality guarantee certificates.



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